Lime Snaplead

Snap and send your leads

Lime Snaplead

Snap and send your leads

Nils Olsson


+46 46 270 48 00

+46 736 44 48 00

Name Nils Olsson


Company Lime Technologies

Phone number +46 736 44 48 00

Notes He was nice...

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Scan any contact information

Lime Snaplead scans any contact information directly of business cards or name badges and turns that into text, so you don’t have to.

Smartness gives speed

Our AI powered engine automatically recognizes names, email and phone numbers and categorizes the information for you. If our trained engine fails, we give your intelligence a chance with a simple drag and drop interface.

Send it anywhere

Once you have scanned a card, you want to send that information somewhere useful, right? Instead of just adding more contacts to your overflowing contact book, Lime Snaplead can send the lead directly into Lime Go, to your inbox or even any URL.